Saturday, 2 August 2014


As some of you might know 11 weeks ago my little Shmunchkin a.k.a Master Matthias was born. 
Being his mum is a great fun. But at the same time being a single-24/7-hands-on-post-Cesarean-stay-mostly-in-bed-breastfeeding mum can be a bit challenging. It's never boring and it's not as difficult as I expected, but having this always hungry little thing and c-section made me not a very mobile person. 
This is where crochet became my addiction. It's a very convenient hobby compatible with bed and a baby. Knitting or embroidery could be more dangerous having a wiggly baby next to me. You don't want anything sharp next to your precious dumpling. Safety first!
The first few weeks were especially stressful - jaundice, hospital, sore nipples and questioning myself if I am doing everything right. Crochet with its simple repetitive movements is a perfect therapeutic occupation. I am not a crochet savvy at all and I hate following instructions. So I just took some yarn and a hook and started simple projects. The easiest no-brainer crochet pattern is a square. And 2 squares sewed together is a bag. Here it is.

I shall admit it's my first crochet bag and not a perfect one - it's too stretchy. Putting anything inside pulls it down too much, so not sure about it being a practical bag. But it made a nice gift anyway.
I sewed a ribbon around the opening and on both handles for enforcement and a girly touch.

I saw a similar bag in a book about crochet. To be fare they took photos of an empty bag too and only one photo with only a newspaper inside - the bag has stretched a lot. 
So what I've learnt - before crocheting a wearable item think about it being practical. A tighter crochet pattern would be much better for a bag.

 Crochet definitely is very addictive. Now it became an obsessive compulsive occupation while breastfeeding and watching films in bed. I have piles of squares of all sizes and colours. More projects to come.

I'm really glad I re-discovered crochet. My projects might be not of a great artistic value - no energy nor time to think and plan - but it definitely keeps me happy and sane.