Saturday, 25 April 2015

With a pinch of salt

This post is a part of my psychotherapy.
The psychologist offered to try a new media - drawing with salt. Right, I thought - why not? It should be done using table salt, some lining fabric and your hands. I have lining. Somewhere. So to make things easier I just used a non-stick baking sheat instead of fabric.

I love shadows. Who doesn't?
I was advised to use a bigger piece of fabric 1-2 square meters. But I decided to begin with what I've got. Ant take it from here.

The purpose of this exercise/task/project/whatever is to enjoy the process. Results are very unstable. Every little move affects the crystals.

The salt does stick to my hand cause it was quite warm in the kitchen.

I do enjoy the process already.

Just to get a feel of it. I have never done anything like this myself before. Only saw the Buddhist monks drawing mandalas with coloured sand. This is very similar. It is fun and meditative as well.

Using fingers. I want a bigger background already.

That's it.
Feeling the salt running through your fist is harmonious itself.

Using a stick to draw lines and shaking off damper salt of my hand.

Of course. Cat lady without cats? No way.

I get it. Usually I am too attached to the outcome. It makes me worry too much and I can't enjoy the process. That blocks my creativity. Cause creativity is free.

It is a great fun. Matthias is not quite sure what I am doing and of course - he wants to participate in this game. I must admit - I'm not good at multitasking at all. Keeping the baby busy and playing with salt - just about as much as I can take.

To be honest - I enjoyed more just looking and feeling the crystals, than the actual drawing.
Not sure if it is my cup of tea. Worth trying, but I'm not sure if I can/want take to another level.

Not so sure what I meant by "another level"... to become a professional salt artist? Sounds cool though.

Enough for one session.
My pride and joy - basil.

N.b. - I need a tripod.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

In the wood

Love these patterns. 
Flows, currents of matter and time.

An excellent spot for breastfeeding.

Waves and swirls captured in the wood.

I really love these natural patterns. 

Such prints would look great in my bedroom.

Keep on playing.
Looks like MRI scan.

Or a pattern for a coat.

And our glorious team.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


As some of you might know 11 weeks ago my little Shmunchkin a.k.a Master Matthias was born. 
Being his mum is a great fun. But at the same time being a single-24/7-hands-on-post-Cesarean-stay-mostly-in-bed-breastfeeding mum can be a bit challenging. It's never boring and it's not as difficult as I expected, but having this always hungry little thing and c-section made me not a very mobile person. 
This is where crochet became my addiction. It's a very convenient hobby compatible with bed and a baby. Knitting or embroidery could be more dangerous having a wiggly baby next to me. You don't want anything sharp next to your precious dumpling. Safety first!
The first few weeks were especially stressful - jaundice, hospital, sore nipples and questioning myself if I am doing everything right. Crochet with its simple repetitive movements is a perfect therapeutic occupation. I am not a crochet savvy at all and I hate following instructions. So I just took some yarn and a hook and started simple projects. The easiest no-brainer crochet pattern is a square. And 2 squares sewed together is a bag. Here it is.

I shall admit it's my first crochet bag and not a perfect one - it's too stretchy. Putting anything inside pulls it down too much, so not sure about it being a practical bag. But it made a nice gift anyway.
I sewed a ribbon around the opening and on both handles for enforcement and a girly touch.

I saw a similar bag in a book about crochet. To be fare they took photos of an empty bag too and only one photo with only a newspaper inside - the bag has stretched a lot. 
So what I've learnt - before crocheting a wearable item think about it being practical. A tighter crochet pattern would be much better for a bag.

 Crochet definitely is very addictive. Now it became an obsessive compulsive occupation while breastfeeding and watching films in bed. I have piles of squares of all sizes and colours. More projects to come.

I'm really glad I re-discovered crochet. My projects might be not of a great artistic value - no energy nor time to think and plan - but it definitely keeps me happy and sane.

Friday, 31 January 2014


This felt flower brooch already flew to Canada.

I don't usually chose green colour but this is what my client wanted for her dear friend. And I am really happy with the result.

She also wanted a matching felt vase. Unfortunately I am not a vase expert and my attempts ended up with weird shapes and holes. What seems easy in theory can be hard in practice.
But when I have more energy I will try to learn felt vase making. Just a bit more patience.